Links to Some of My Greatest Hits

If you are a regular reader of my blog posts (Hi, Mom!), you’ve noted that I address several substantive topics of interest in corporate and securities law to my clients and other attorneys, along with “softer” topics about the business of law practice, dealing with clients, etc. The substantive posts are, by design, short and to-the-point, unlike a big firm’s detailed summary of the latest 500-page rule release from the SEC (because there’s no need to duplicate those law firm memos, which are freely available to all, and also, more importantly, because I don’t want to write long memos). But hopefully, these posts have some value to my readers.

I thought it would be helpful to list these posts (through January 2017) in one handy place for easy reference, with links, in reverse chronological order within each category:

Financing Transactions/Securities Offerings

SEC Disclosure Matters

 General Corporate/M&A Matters

Startup Matters